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Tokyo Recap


Tokyo Train Station

At the beginning of this month I left Shanghai for Tokyo for a nine day adventure with my friend Eli Smith of So Sweet Records. Tokyo was the last stop on his tour through Asia and Australia and he invited me to DJ at show with him at a club called Trump Room. I had never been to Japan so obviously I jumped at the chance.

The trip ended up being lots of long days and long nights. Trying to fit in as much of what Tokyo has to offer in eight nights/nine days can prove to be exhausting. One of my favorite things we did was spending a day at Oedo Onsen in Obaiba (wikipedia link for those of you who don’t know what an onsen is).

Big thanks to Tomo of So Sweet Japan for letting us crash in your tiny little apartment!

Above is a video from the show at Trump Room. I will post more as they are uploaded. Check out more photos on Flickr.

Beijing Party Post


Photos by Sam of Jellymon - See more

Lately I have felt a bit overwhelmed with work, DJing, travel,  friends in town among other things. I returned late last night from Beijing where I was playing at a festival called Zoo. Also playing was Drop the Lime and Classixx who are all really cool guys. My friend Eli Smith had also just gotten into town from L.A. before we headed directly to the train station to go to Beijing. He played the first stop of his tour and will be playing this Friday in Shanghai before heading to Japan. I also met up with a bunch of close friends in Beijing so needless to say it was a really fun weekend.

Vietnam in Short


Finally getting a chance to sort and upload photos from my trip to Vietnam. The vacation overall was really great. Ho Chi Minh city is hectic, loud and chaotic. Even more so than Shanghai. At times got a bit too stressful for a vacation. The best part of the trip was by a long shot the 3 days of relaxing on the island of Phu Quoc. We had a bungalow on the beach, and waking to this view every morning is pretty amazing.

More photos…

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Saigon, Vietnam

I also took some shots with my Holga. I am really happy with how they turned out. This is my first try at cross-processing my film. Some of the shots are a bit dark, but most of them I really like.

More photos…

While I’m Out


I am about to head to the airport for a red-eye to Ho Chi Minh City and then on to Phu Quoc. This will be the first time in a very long time I have not taken a laptop with me on a trip/vacation. I will try and post an occasional photo or tweet here and there, but for the most part I will be pretty absent from the internet machine. Is it sad that my iPhone gives me much comfort in leaving my MacBook behind?

Getting Away!


Next week we are headed to Mango Bay in Phu Quoc, Vietnam (above). I am going to view the vacation as a complete “unplug” from everything including my laptop, email, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, Facebook and basically all the technology I am addicted to. There’s not even television or air conditioning in the bungalows. Beyond the technology I am also looking forward to just getting away from Shanghai and the chaos of this place. I plan on doing pretty much absolutely nothing.

Beijing Weekend


A little late on this, but last weekend a bunch of friends and I jumped on a train and headed to Beijing for the weekend. I was DJing the Swatch MTV Playground event and a friend was having the grande opening of his Beijing store (The Source). We stayed at my good friends Li’s new place (above). It’s an amazing studio on the 33rd floor overlooking the CCTV building. It was a pretty amazing time and great to have the Shanghai crew all transplanted and having a good time together in Beijing.

Goodies from the trip:

Seoul Searching



My trip to Seoul was a quick one, but it was good. The first night I was there I decided to try out a love hotel which was rather interesting. I had heard from friends and read that they are a good option for a cheap, quick place to stay if you are in Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Even though it wasn’t too bad, it did have a super weird vibe, so I decided to change hotels for my second night there. The street food culture in Korea is amazing. As soon as the sun goes down the sidewalks become makeshift patios and get flooded with vendors. It’s like a block party every night! Although the street food was good, I think my favorite place was called Two Two Fried Chicken & HOF which does only fried chicken and beer. The food itself may not have been as good as the street food, but it kind of reminded me of a Korean version of Rascoe’s and that’s always a good thing.

More photos here.

Insert Seoul/Soul Pun Here



It’s time again due to visa reasons that I must leave China. This time around I have decided to take a quick weekend trip to Seoul, Korea. Ever since watching Anthony Bourdain visit Seoul on No Reservations I have wanted to check this city out. I am a big fan of street food and the street food in Seoul looks pretty amazing.

Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music, Digital Art, and New Media: Sept 24 - 27


Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music

I may be in the US during this time and would love to make a stop here.

Changle & Wulumiqi


Changle & Wulumuqi

Nearly five years ago I visited this intersection for the first time not even knowing how to pronounce the names of the streets. I had no idea that later in my life I would be living just down the street. Strange how things turn out. See the photo larger.

Hong Kong Weekend


Muslim Graveyard

Over the past weekend I took a quick trip down to Hong Kong for visa reasons. It was raining most of the time, but I did get a chance to visit some really good restaurants and wander around a bit. The photo above is of a Muslim graveyard I came across. It was pretty amazing. I also managed to find a really tastey Yakitori place that had lychee wrapped in pork. So damn good.

High Elevation Yakitori

It was a quick trip but nice to get out of town for a few days. I really enjoy Hong Kong. Most people think it’s too crowded, but somehow I find comfort in the mountains and mass amounts of high-rises. I love that city. See more photos here.

Lomography in Shanghai


Lomography Shop in Shanghai

The other day we went and checked out the new Lomography shop in Shanghai. They had pretty much everything you could imagine, and the guy working there was more than knowledgeable. Even if you aren’t into Lomography this shop is cool to check out.