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Knives Out

I will be DJing the first Knives Out party this Friday at Not Me. Stop by if you are in Shanghai!


Backstreets of The Bund

This weekend was enjoyably lazy for the most part, but it did have it’s high points. Friday was the official launch party for the club Not Me here in Shanghai. As expected the place was so packed that there were just as many people spilling out into the street as there was inside. It was good times though and Reggie, Baijiou Robot and Myself all played great sets. Weekly events at Not Me include Heart Attack and Knives Out (poster on the way). Both should be really great weekly nights, and I will be guest DJing at Knives Out this Friday so stop by.

Yesterday, despite the sauna-like weather outside Scott, Marc and I went on a lengthy bike ride around the south end of The Bund. There are areas that look almost like a war zone because of all the construction for the 2010 Expo going one next year. It was interesting to see some sights of The Bund that aren’t given much attention to.


DJing Cut&Paste

Just a quick rundown of the good times that took place over the past weekend. The weekend started early on Thursday when Ratatat played their first show in Shanghai. Packed venue and a good show. Even though I would be willing to bet that 75% of the people there had never heard a single song of theirs they still seemed to be into it.

Friday I went to the The Seagull Lao KeLe exhibition presented by Jellymon. The show’s very was really great and had some interesting work done by local photographers. The night after that consisted of drinks, late night noodle session featuring the best hand pulled noodles ever and then a LOST marathon.

Saturday I DJed the Cut&Paste contest. I must say it was probably the longest set I have ever played totalling in about 5.5 hours of music. The back was aching and by the end I was ready to be done. It was good though, and cool to see a different crowd of local designers. The competitors were nearly all local and I would have to say I was more impressed with their work than the competitors I saw in LA. Much thanks to Panthea Lee for setting up that gig for me. After the Cut&Paste event I met up with Li who had just made her 17 hour flight back to Shanghai from Stockholm. We met up with Sammy at his place for a chill night and somehow ended up at karaoke until 7am.

Good, good times were had. By far the best weekend I have had since being back in Shanghai.

Cut&Paste Shanghai


Tomorrow I will be DJing for Shanghai’s first Cut&Paste design competition. Being a much more experienced designer than DJ it’s kind of funny that my first experience being involved with Cut&Paste would be DJing. But regardless it should be fun.

Cheese, Meat & Wine


View From the 33rd

This past weekend I met up with some people for some food and drinks at a couple of friends’ apartment. They had recently gotten back from Italy and brought back all kinds of cured meats with them. This is the view from their apartment on the 33rd floor. I wouldn’t mind that view. You can actually see me and Li’s tiny little place in a complex in the very upper right hand corner of the photo. Click here for a better view of where we live.

Constant Construction

The construction here drives me crazy. It’s like living in one huge construction zone all the time. The noise, dust and shaking of the ground makes the environment not very enjoyable most the time. Although I can’t wait to see it all in 10-15 years.

Goodies Via Italy

Tastey treats via Italy.





Lomography in Shanghai


Lomography Shop in Shanghai

The other day we went and checked out the new Lomography shop in Shanghai. They had pretty much everything you could imagine, and the guy working there was more than knowledgeable. Even if you aren’t into Lomography this shop is cool to check out.