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Old Stomping Grounds



Last night my friend Adrian tweeted about Baidu’s awesome 3D map search. I spent some time searching around Shanghai and it made me pretty reminiscent of time spent in this city. The above image is the neighborhood where myself and many of my friends live/lived and spent our time. I miss these days.

See larger image.


World’s Most Polluted



Not that it’s all that surprising, but it is a bit scary to see the chart above and realize I have spent nearly two years of my life in the World’s most air polluted region. I am actually quite surprised to see how low the Americas are on the scale. Read more here.

Shanghai in Motion - Episode 4 - Nightlife on Vimeo


A friend of mine, Patrick Wack, was commissioned by French production company, Wemotion, to shoot the whole series in Shanghai. This is a beautiful portrayal of nightlife in Shanghai. It really makes me miss it. Nice work Patrick.

Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010 - The Big Picture -


Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010 - The Big Picture -

Wow! These photos are amazing. Worth a look.

McDonald’s To Open Hamburger University In Shanghai -

Toxic Avenger Shanghai


Toxic Avenger Poster

Upcoming Weekend Goodness


Eli Smith Shanghai

Tomorrow a friend of mine from Los Angeles’ So Sweet Records, Eli Smith, will be playing his second stop on his Brave New World Tour here is Shanghai. This will be a great show and is not to be missed.

Badtastic 2 Flyer

The second edition of Shanghai’s worst party, Badtastic, will go down also at Not Me this Saturday. Look forward to good music mixed poorly and horrible guilty pleasures all night long. This party is bound to get messy.

In addition tonight my friend Rodney Evans will be having the opening to his solo exhibition. The show will showcase four years worth of travel photos throughout China. And of course if you are so inclined after viewing some great photo work you should head over to Not Me where Jenn Wong will be throwing down some indie dance floor goodness at the weekly party Heart Attack.

Instax Overload


Instax Overload

Instax Overload.

Rain, Sweat, Art & Lots of Music


Swatch Battle

It has been raining on and off for about a week now in Shanghai, but that wasn’t able to stop a massive crowd from showing up to Badtastic on Saturday night. The party was a blast and in accordance with the theme there was lots of good music and bad mixing. I would have to say Jenn Wong (Wongton) and Sam (Samwhich) tied for the worst mixing. That sounds like a negative thing, but it’s actually the highest of achievements at Badtastic.

Edit: For photos of Badtastic visit the Flickr pool.

On both Saturday and Sunday I DJed an event put on by MTV China and Swatch. The concept of the event was to have local artists/illustrators/painters “battle” in front of a live crowd. Each artist was allowed one hour and a half to create their peice, and I was really impressed with the artwork in the end. It was cool to see what some of the local kids are doing here in Shanghai as far as art goes.

(Sorry about the poor quality on the photos. Low light + iPhone camera.)

New Home for KP


Jellymon Office

Since coming back to Shanghai a couple months ago I have been looking for an office space to work out of. My friends over at Jellymon had a bit of extra space so I thought it would be the perfect creative atmosphere I was looking for. At the beginning of this week I moved in and have settled nicely. I am also helping them out with their new website which should be up soon, so keep your eye out. I also recommend checking out their work. They have done some really nice stuff.

photos above via Sam.

Changle & Wulumiqi


Changle & Wulumuqi

Nearly five years ago I visited this intersection for the first time not even knowing how to pronounce the names of the streets. I had no idea that later in my life I would be living just down the street. Strange how things turn out. See the photo larger.

Antidote 7/30/2009


I am DJing tonight for the one and only Antidote party here in Shanghai. To my knowledge this is probably the longest running party in Shanghai. I am always excited to be a part of their events (even if they do write my name incorrectly on the flyer).

Fade to Black



This morning the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century occurred and apparently Shanghai was meant to be one of the best places on Earth to witness it. Unfortunately, like so many days here in Shanghai, the weather was cloudy and rainy. We were going to do a picnic in the park, but because of the weather we decided just to watch from home. It was actually pretty eery how dark it got during the main part of the eclipse. I didn’t know how dark it would actually get, but it was as dark as night for at least 5 minutes. It was pretty interesting even though we couldn’t experience it completely.

Check out Youku for videos of the eclipse from other parts of China.
(link via: Jenn Wong)


Shanghai Sunset

Tonight was a rare occasion. You don’t get to see many of these in Shanghai, and when you do they are short-lived. Too bad because of the unbearable heat today it seemed more like the sky was on fire than a beautiful summer sunset.


Shanghai Weather

This weather makes me never want to leave the house. Shanghai in the Summer is just plain gross.