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A few years back I created an account for the website Daytum. Basically Daytum is a website developed by Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton that provides elegant way of tracking and sharing personal statistics. After I created my account I kind of forgot about it and lost track of my statistics. That is until recently when I heard they had released an iPhone app. I believe the iPhone app will be a great addition to the success of this interesting website, and will certainly make it easier for me to track the statistics for my personal account. I have decided to give it another shot. Check out my Daytum page and sign up for one yourself. - Start Here

Permalink has just released the 2.0 version of their simple but useful tool for customizing your browser homepage.

My Two Cents On iTunes 10


iTunes 10

I hear a lot of people complaining about the UI changes in the new iTunes 10. To be honest as far as the UI changes go I think people get a little too nit-picky, very quick to criticize any little change made. I am not really sure how the colors of the menu icons really effects my iTunes experience all that much. What I (and I am sure many people) REALLY think they dropped the ball on is not offering a subscription based service. You ask any Rdio user and their iTunes usage has drastically dropped after signing up. But if Apple offered a service with a monthly fee that included music, movies, tv all in one place I would seriously consider it. I hope Apple isn’t getting to be one of those companies that is getting their fingers into so many pies it can’t keep up with the little guys.

Hipstamatic iPhone App



Although I wish they would have chosen a different name, the Hispamatic iPhone app looks very well done. It’s yet another camera app that creates analog looking photos taken from your iPhone and has a wide variety of lenses, films and flashes that you can purchase to create different effects. For $1.99 it looks pretty great.

Nerd Words of the Moment


Adobe BrowserLabWeb design can be one of the most frustrating tasks in the world when trying to make your work viewable across all the different browsers out there. While I have yet to find an application that serves all my browser testing needs there are some useful tools. I have used a web service called Litmus in the past to test my websites accross platforms. And while it works great, at $49 per month I feel it’s a little overpriced. This is why I was happy to see Adobe had launched their new web application called BrowserLabs. The application is missing a few features that Litmus has, but the fact that it’s free completely makes up for the lack of those few features. Nice work Adobe.

Helvetimail - josef richter



Helvetica Gmail skin based on Helvetireader.

If Architects Had to Work Like Web Designers


If Architects Had to Work Like Web Designers

My little piece of cynicism for the day.

Last Night Sugarsync Saved My Life



I love being a geek. I get worked up over the nerdiest little things. However, now and then I come across a tool that integrated so well into my workflow and daily life that I eventually find that I couldn’t work without it. One of those tools that I recently found is Sharpcast’s storage and sync tool called Sugarsync. This tool does exactly what I have wanted for a long time and what others (like MoblileMe and have failed at providing me… an effortless way of backing up, syncing, sending and sharing my files over multiple computers and with other people. The software is simple and elegant, and the iPhone app has saved my ass on several occasions now when I have forgotten to send someone a file. With this service I truly have access to all my files anytime, anywhere.

Wow, that sounded like someone hacked my Wordpress account and posted a fake post. Nope, this is really me.