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A few years back I created an account for the website Daytum. Basically Daytum is a website developed by Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton that provides elegant way of tracking and sharing personal statistics. After I created my account I kind of forgot about it and lost track of my statistics. That is until recently when I heard they had released an iPhone app. I believe the iPhone app will be a great addition to the success of this interesting website, and will certainly make it easier for me to track the statistics for my personal account. I have decided to give it another shot. Check out my Daytum page and sign up for one yourself.

While I’m Out


I am about to head to the airport for a red-eye to Ho Chi Minh City and then on to Phu Quoc. This will be the first time in a very long time I have not taken a laptop with me on a trip/vacation. I will try and post an occasional photo or tweet here and there, but for the most part I will be pretty absent from the internet machine. Is it sad that my iPhone gives me much comfort in leaving my MacBook behind?