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Best of 2010: Music


Best of 2010 - Music

For me 2010 was a year of listening to mostly sun-soaked, fuzzy electronic beats that make you crave bathing suits and warm summer nights. This was of course the big new genre of the year known as “Chillwave”. Not surprisingly 99% of the music I enjoyed this year was electronic. Including a lot of electro-pop, upbeat danceable stuff, IDM and genre-bending artists. Choosing only albums wouldn’t be fair as many of my favorite songs this year weren’t relased on albums. So I am listing both my favorite albums of the year and favorite songs.

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Best of 2010



2010 is coming to an end. Not that it was a bad year, but it did have its ups and downs. I shared a large part of it with my favorite person in the world and had some amazing experiences with her that I will never forget. I also had some great times with friends and family, visited some incredible places, worked with some awesome people and learned some very important lessons. It makes me sad looking back at this year and thinking these times are over, but I will keep these memories with me always and look at 2011 as a new chapter in my life.

In the next week or so I will be posting my thoughts and memories of 2010 including travel, music, food and more. Stay tuned.