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KP’s Best of 2009



This year has gone by quickly and not so quietly. It has been a year of travel, and one of those years where I have spent the majority of the year outside the United States. It has also been a year of learning, growing, loving and lots and lots of playing. This is the last year of my 20’s and the decade has treated me well. It makes me a bit sad to think I am headed into my 30’s next year. I feel the days of being occasionally irresponsible and staying out all night are numbered. I hope that when I look back at my 20’s I can say I made the most of those years. I know I can look back at the year 2009 and say without a doubt that it was a good one and I made the most of it. This week I will be posting my thoughts and memories of the best of the year 2009. Here I am starting off with what I feel to be the best albums of the year. Read after the jump…

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