A Message From the Founder

I was looking through my YouTube inbox today and came across a couple of messages that I found pretty funny to look back at.

awesome video of china!

hi there. my name is steve. i’m one of the founders of youtube. i just watched your video of your china travels. i thought it was well put together and, all together, a very good video filled with good content.

i hope you don’t mind me featuring it on the front page…


Here was my response…

I don’t mind at all! Thank you for the compliments, and thank you for featuring me! I think YouTube is great!

And the back from Steve…

it was a good video!

thanks for the compliment on YouTube. because we don’t have any marketing department, we really rely on our users to get the word out there. it would be great if you could tell your friends & family (and anyone you meet on the street today!!) about us. heh.



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