Best Trips of 2009

Best Trips - 2009

I traveled more this year than any other, and I hope this trend continues throughout my life. The people you meet and the experiences you have while traveling are invaluable. From being attacked by monkeys in Vietnam to DJing in Tokyo I had some pretty interesting travel experiences in 2009… here are my favorite.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Phu Quoc is an island of the coast of Vietnam about 45 minutes by airplane. They describe it as “Phuket ten years ago” because most of the island remains virtually untouched by tourism. Although this list isn’t meant to be in any particular order, this trip is at the top of my list. With our resort being in total seclusion, and waking up to this view from our bed, it’s hard wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

Eli and Me
Tokyo, Japan
Just this past month I was invited by friend Eli Smith to DJ with him in Tokyo, which was one of the stops on his Brave New World Tour. I had always been waiting for the chance to visit Tokyo and this was the best imaginable time to do it. Tokyo lived up to all my expectations and more, and with Eli knowing the city well and speaking Japanese he made an excellent guide to the city. One of my favorite things we did was visit the onsen in Odaiba. Imagine going back hundreds of years to old Japan in a village with great food, hot pools, entertainment and those little fish that eat the skin off your feet. Amazing.

Los Angeles, CA
I Spent a few months in Los Angeles helping a friend with the release of his movie this past Spring. Had a great birthday weekend in The Standard Hotel Downtown, had some really amazing food (Daikokuya - best ramen I have had in the States) and had a totally different experience than my other visits to LA. This was one of my favorite times I had this year and a time I will never forget.

San Fran
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco remains to be probably my favorite city in America. This past Spring I spent a couple weeks there before heading to Shanghai and at times I wish I had never left. I ate some of the best, cheapest and widest varieties of food while staying in S.F., and the feel of this city is like no other in the world. I miss this it.

Qingdao, China
There is not much else to say about this trip other than it was absolute mayhem. Qingdao is a small city with not a lot to do, but three nights in a luxury hotel on a corporate budget, three of your best friends, and endless amounts of drinking games makes for a super fun time.

Korea Dogs
Seoul, Korea
You learn a lot about yourself when you travel alone. I took a weekend trip to Seoul mainly because it was a cheap flight from Shanghai, but I ended up having a really good experience. Eventually I would like to go back to Seoul with someone, but I am glad I took this trip alone. It forces you to step outside your comfort zone, especially when you are in a country where you speak none of the language and very few people speak English.


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    why didn’t our trip to beijing make the cut?!

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    great post!!! great trips too!

  3. sam
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    Glad to have been with you on one of those trips!

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    @wongton - I should have added it!!

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