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This year has gone by quickly and not so quietly. It has been a year of travel, and one of those years where I have spent the majority of the year outside the United States. It has also been a year of learning, growing, loving and lots and lots of playing. This is the last year of my 20’s and the decade has treated me well. It makes me a bit sad to think I am headed into my 30’s next year. I feel the days of being occasionally irresponsible and staying out all night are numbered. I hope that when I look back at my 20’s I can say I made the most of those years. I know I can look back at the year 2009 and say without a doubt that it was a good one and I made the most of it. This week I will be posting my thoughts and memories of the best of the year 2009. Here I am starting off with what I feel to be the best albums of the year. Read after the jump…

(None of the following are in any particular order)


Royksopp Junior
Royksopp - Junior
Probably the happiest, most cheerful album of the year. Just give ‘Happy Up Here’ a listen and you will be in the clouds.

Miike Snow
Miike Snow - Miike Snow
This is Miike Snow’s debut album and every track on it is awesome. ‘Animal’ was the soundtrack to my summer, insanely catchy.

Phoenix - wolfgang Amadeus
Phoenix - wolfgang Amadeus
I think this album could likely be on everyone’s list this year. There’s no way you can’t like it. One of my close friends has had a complete hatred for Phoenix until this album was release. Now he loves them.

Vitalic Flashmob
Vitalic - Flashmob
This is what French electro should sound like. I could listen to this album over and over.
Watch the video for the track ‘Poison Lips.’

Andrew Bird - Noblebeast
Andrew Bird - Noble Beast
We have listened to this album a lot in the office since it was released. No matter how gloomy the Shanghai day these tracks could make me feel good.

Discovery - Discovery
Discovery - Discovery
This album was risky. It could have turned out a disaster. The lyrics are corny, they blend through and combine tons of different genres, but somehow it all fits perfectly. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this album.

Boys Noize - Power
Boys Noize - Power
Not to say that I don’t like him, but Boys Noize isn’t my favorite Electro artist. In fact none of these tracks on this album would fall into my favorite tracks of the year. But there are very few Electro artists who are actually even completing entire albums right now, so for that I give Boys Noize props. All that being said Power is still a damn good album.

Yuksek - Away FromThe Sea
Yuksek - Away From the Sea
For a long time Yuksek has been putting out consistantly good remixes. So when he released this full length I was really excited. It’s got some really tasty, dirty Electro goodness.

Passion Pit - Chunk of Change
Passion Pit - Chunk of Change
Yes, yes I know. This isn’t a full length album technically. But I am still putting it in here with the rest because the seven tracks on this album are what hooked me on Passion Pit. And to be honest I feel that though it may not be as polished, it’s better than their second release Manners.

Passion Pit - Manners
Passion Pit - Manners
I realized that Passion Pit’s album above, Chunk of Change, was not released this year (man time flies). So their album that was released this year makes the list by default. Like I said, the first album is the one that got me hooked, but Manners is not to be ignored.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness
Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness
Kid Cudi has made this list because I haven’t completely lost hope for Hip Hop. Kid Cudi is one of the few hip hop artists I feel is still trying to innovate and push the genre further. The album titled track ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ featuring Ratatat demonstrates this perfectly. Could be one of my favorites tracks of the year.

Delorean - Ayrton Senna
Delorean - Aryton Senna
Here is another example of an album that just sounds happy. Being stuck in a bitter Shanghai winter right now I need music like this to help me imagine warm, sunny beaches.

The Field - Yesterday And Today
The Field - Yestarday and Today
Although I feel that this album isn’t quite as good as The Field’s first album From Here We Go Sublime, I still feel it was one of the best albums of the year. Very few people are able to do this kind of music and keep my attention. There’s something about The Field and his amazing soundscapes that make his music so interesting.

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