A Nice Set Shanghai


I recently participated in a show called A Nice Set that just had an exhibition here in Shanghai over the weekend. Ten local artists were selected to customize a pair of Aerial7 headphones along with a pair of slipmats. The above is my design for the slipmats. I will hopefully get the chance to take some photos of the actual completed mats. For the headphones I thought it would be cool to try to somehow make them look like they were melting. I wanted the color to be very basic a minimal with drips running down and off the headphones. To get this effect we melted a bunch of glue sticks and dripped it down the phones. In the beginning the looked really cool, but unfortunately after a few days the large drips deflated and they kind of ended up looking like a big wad of bubblegum. It wasn’t the exact look I was going for but they turned out okay. It was a fun project though and the event had a good turnout.

See photos of the event over at Jellymon Flickr.

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