Seoul Searching


My trip to Seoul was a quick one, but it was good. The first night I was there I decided to try out a love hotel which was rather interesting. I had heard from friends and read that they are a good option for a cheap, quick place to stay if you are in Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Even though it wasn’t too bad, it did have a super weird vibe, so I decided to change hotels for my second night there. The street food culture in Korea is amazing. As soon as the sun goes down the sidewalks become makeshift patios and get flooded with vendors. It’s like a block party every night! Although the street food was good, I think my favorite place was called Two Two Fried Chicken & HOF which does only fried chicken and beer. The food itself may not have been as good as the street food, but it kind of reminded me of a Korean version of Rascoe’s and that’s always a good thing.

More photos here.

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