Backstreets of The Bund

This weekend was enjoyably lazy for the most part, but it did have it’s high points. Friday was the official launch party for the club Not Me here in Shanghai. As expected the place was so packed that there were just as many people spilling out into the street as there was inside. It was good times though and Reggie, Baijiou Robot and Myself all played great sets. Weekly events at Not Me include Heart Attack and Knives Out (poster on the way). Both should be really great weekly nights, and I will be guest DJing at Knives Out this Friday so stop by.

Yesterday, despite the sauna-like weather outside Scott, Marc and I went on a lengthy bike ride around the south end of The Bund. There are areas that look almost like a war zone because of all the construction for the 2010 Expo going one next year. It was interesting to see some sights of The Bund that aren’t given much attention to.

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