Delusions in Modern Primitivism

One of the things I find about living in Shanghai, and among hundreds of black market DVD shops is that you end up buying a lot of movies that you probably wouldn’t otherwise. Last night we watched a DVD called The Official Selections. The movie features several short films that were selected for the Sundance Film Festival since the year 2000. Most of the short films were just okay, but one that caught my eye was a short called Delusions in Modern Primitivism.

“Jerome (Karl Moore) is a living gallery of body art. Now, bored with his many tattoos and assorted piercings, Jerome is in search of the latest form of body modification. Daniel Loflin’s dark docu-satire won the Best Short Film Award at the Aspen Shortfest and an Honorable Mention at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.”

The way the film is shot is very convincing, and at times you are really guessing whether or not it’s fact or fiction.

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